Hi there, I am Pratima!

Welcome to our space on the web. So chuffed that you have found us!

Ever looked at one of your friends or colleagues and wondered ‘How has she got it ALL together?’ 

I have been there too. Several times in fact. I am a Human Resource Management professional, corporate career girl & businesswoman. I am also a wife, mom to a boisterous kiddo, daughter, enthusiastic home maker, avid reader, TV soap lover & a fangirl of all things planning related. As you can see I have worn many hats and several of them have been in parallel. I have had several occasions where I have barely managed to fumble from one day to another while wondering how on earth do some women manage to do it ALL and that too so well?!

While I can’t list out everything that the others got right, I did learn one important lesson. 

Over time I have put my professional skills and my love of planning to good use and developed a comprehensive set of systems that have helped me avoid overwhelm and get where I want to be.

The journey that I have made on all these fronts has not been alone. A large part of it has been with the wonderful man I married who shares a lot in common with me not just in life but also professionally. So, a lot of the insights and systems I share here is a joint one.  

At InstaGravitas our aim is to help you achieve success & fulfilment on the career and life continuum. We do this in two distinct ways:

CAREER: We help you to leverage effective communication and better productivity to grow your career.

LIFE: We provide everyday solutions to better organise your life and home so that there is more time and energy left to go after your big goals.

The story behind the name:

From time to time all of us have seen instances where several people seem equally competent to succeed in life and yet when the time comes there is only one who is the FIRST AMONG EQUALS. This person walks into a meeting and people just listen, they are able to win deals for the company with ease and they think of a job change and the best offers land in their lap. They are people who are looked up to by both friends and colleagues. Have you ever wondered what could be the one thing that differentiated this person who got ahead of the rest? Over the span of our experience we have consistently observed that the person who succeeds insanely has this something extra, which we like to call ‘GRAVITAS’. It is the ability to play to your strengths, weaken your weaknesses, and build your personal brand in a way that key people will take notice and not forget. We believe that a very large part of this GRAVITAS is built around the ability to achieve success and fulfilment on the career and life continuum. It is our mission at INSTAGRAVITAS to help you achieve this.