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How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a new job, but aren’t sure where to start?

One of the best ways to get help with your search is requesting help from a recruiter. Recruiters have insider knowledge about job openings and potential employers.

Finding the right recruiter can be difficult, but knowing how to find recruiters on LinkedIn is half the battle. Once you’ve found the right people, you can establish a relationship and make connections that lead to opportunities.

Check out the article below to help you find your next great position.

Keywords on LinkedIn

One of the best tips for finding recruiters is using the right keywords. You can even try using several keywords strung together.

Be sure to separate the keywords with the word “OR.” For example, try “Recruiter OR Staffing OR Headhunter.” String as many together as you like.

Use the “Title” field to put in possible job titles the recruiter could have. Here are some suggestions:

  • Recruiter (Recruitment, Recruiting)
  • Headhunter (Head hunter)
  • Staffing (Staffer)
  • Talent
  • Employment referral (Employee referral, Employment service)
  • Sourcing (Sourcer)
  • Diversity
  • Candidate
  • Executive search agency

Now that you know how to find recruiters for a job on LinkedIn, use the filters to narrow down your list of results.

How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn: Other Search Terms

When searching for LinkedIn recruiters, you can use other fields to help you get relevant results. For example, add the location to your search (you don’t need to use “OR” in between the city and your other search terms).

The industry field is important in your search, too. Try using “Human Resources” when looking for recruiters by industry. Another possibility is “Staffing & Selection,” and if you use both you may get more results.

To get the most search results, modify the Relationship field as well. Select “All” if it’s an option, but if the menu doesn’t have that option, choose the widest net possible. Select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ in the “Connections” field.

Choosing Which Recruiters to Contact

Now that you have a list of recruiters to choose from, how do you narrow it down? One way is to check that they’re active on LinkedIn and their position is up to date. If they don’t have an active profile, they may not have the same position anymore or may not be looking for candidates.

Look for other clues on their profile, from specifics about industries they’re recruiting for to articles they’ve published. Someone who works mostly with IT Consultants won’t be as helpful in a search for a Financial Advisor position.

Contacting Recruiters

Once you find some recruiters, you still need to know how to contact recruiters on LinkedIn. Do not just send a cold connection request without also including a personal message to go along with it.

You only have 300 words to do it with, so your message should be very short and to the point. Mention what you’re hoping to find in a new position, whether it’s new challenges, a great team, or something else.

Get an idea of who they are first by looking at their profile. Then you can determine how casual or formal to be.

Look for any similarities you have with them so you can mention it in your message, whether you’ve both volunteered at the same place or you know people in common. Here are some more tips about how to write a letter when you’re asking for a favor.

Example Messages

It helps to have an example to follow when you’re reaching out for the first time. Here is one way to put together a professional introductory note:

Hello, Traci,

As a Hospitality Manager looking for new positions in the greater Detroit area, I am interested to find out what positions you staff for. I’m moving to the area and looking for a new position with new challenges. I can also help refer candidates to you as I maintain my relationships with colleagues in the field.

Thank you.

You could also try something like this more formal note:

Hi, Joe,

My name is Henry, a Design Engineer from Galveston. I saw that you have done some work with Habitat for Humanity – I also volunteer with them!

I am reaching out to see if (Specific Company) has any positions open in San Antonio for a Lead Engineer. I just finished up an assignment with Ocean City Bank, and I welcome any suggestions you have as I build relationships and seek out my next challenge.

Thank you for your time!

After you’ve made contact, then you can start a conversation with them about potential job openings. When you can naturally work it in, offer to send your resume.


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Finding LinkedIn Opportunities with a Great Profile

The first thing a recruiter will do when asked about LinkedIn opportunities is view your profile. You need to make sure that your profile looks professional and impressive when the recruiter sees it so they write back. Here are some profile tips to make sure yours looks attractive.

Photos are the first thing someone will notice when they view your profile. Choose a profile picture that’s professional and actually looks like you. You should find a recent one that shows you wearing something professional.

You can also set your background photo. Choose one that’s relevant to your industry and eye-catching.

Besides photos, you’ll want to optimize your LinkedIn settings. Make sure your “Open to” setting shows you’re looking for new opportunities. 

Update your profile headline to include more than your title. You can look at sales representatives’ headlines to get an idea of what other descriptions garner attention. Try to write about who you are and why you’re in the field.

Maintaining an attractive profile is a key component in learning how to attract recruiters on LinkedIn. The more appealing your profile is, the more messages you’ll get from recruiters, instead of having to contact them yourself.

Keep in mind, if you’re offered an interview or invited to apply for a position, you don’t have to accept. You can decline gracefully and continue your search.

Your Job Search

Now that you know a little more about how to find recruiters on LinkedIn, you’re ready to conquer the job market. Use the tips above to find the right recruiters and connect with them in a meaningful way.

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